Do Family Law Lawyers In Westchester County Help With Prenuptials?

One of the hardest parts about deciding to get married is drawing up a prenuptial agreement. The party who is being asked to sign one may be very reticent about the matter, which often causes the person who is in a more advantageous financial position to be skittish about doing so.

Or the person who wishes to present the agreement could be unsure about what sort of legal recourse they have. If the person has never been married before, then the legal terms contained in such an agreement could be baffling to them.

Family law lawyers in Westchester County can help to remove all of the guesswork that comes with formulating a prenuptial agreement. They can sit down with both parties and explain the ins and outs and help to assuage the fears of the person who is being presented with the agreement.

It is only natural that a person who is entering a union with businesses of their own or considerable wealth to want to protect themselves. While everyone says all of the right things when they are in the process of falling in love, these nice words and verbal promises tend to fall by the wayside once someone’s feelings have been hurt.

All it takes is one look at some of the staggering settlements that prominent celebrities have been forced to pay out to make a person realize the importance of hiring family law lawyers in Westchester County to help them draw up an agreement. Even if the person you are marrying is not pleased about the process, the family law lawyers in Westchester County that you hire are adept at explaining the complexities of the process.

Going into a marriage without an agreement in place when you have important assets to protect is foolhardy at best. Feelings change over the course of time and the person who you once loved with your whole heart can reveal themselves to be much more cold and calculating than you ever imagined.

When you wish to draw up a prenuptial agreement and you do not know which steps to take, calling family law lawyers in Westchester County can help you to sort out this difficult process. They will answer any questions that you have and even meet with you and your future spouse so that both parties fully understand the implications of the paperwork that they are signing. This help proves to be invaluable, especially if the marriage ends in a divorce at a later date, so call as soon as possible if you are seeking assistance with such matters.

Safeguarding yourself against these kinds of instances is crucial. Hiring family law lawyers in Westchester County is the first step towards coming up with a prenuptial agreement that works for all parties involved. There is no reason for either party to be afraid, these agreements are perfectly natural.

Top 5 Reasons for Working with a Car Accident Attorney

A car accident is a very traumatic experience for all parties involved. There are numerous reasons why you should call an attorney after a car accident and we are here to discuss the top five. By taking these reasons under consideration, you can avoid a great deal of pain and suffering, while also ensuring that you receive the correct settlement.

1. You Can Focus On Mending

After experiencing injuries as the result of a car accident, the last thing that you need in your life is additional stress. By working with car accident attorney, you are able to put your feet and focus on getting well. Meanwhile, your attorney is able to handle all of your important legal proceedings, ensuring that your rights are recognized by the court and the insurance company.

2. Larger Settlements

It should be obvious to an accident victim that their best chances at receiving the settlement that they so richly deserve lie with an experienced car accident attorney. Some may choose to fight the case themselves, believing that the savings outweigh the benefits. However, studies show that clients who retain an attorney are able to reap three times the settlement benefits as those who represent themselves.

3. They Come To You

After a car accident, a person may experience limited mobility. There is often damage to their motor vehicle, in addition to injuries to their person. With this in mind, a car accident attorney has no qualms about coming to you, so that you can meet with them and discuss the particulars of your case in private. The location that is most convenient for you is the place where your attorney will meet you, no ifs, ands or buts.

4. Cases Are Less Likely To Go To Court

By hiring an attorney, you significantly decrease the likelihood that your case will ever see the inside of a court room. Hiring an attorney shows the insurance company that you mean business and forces them to cease their typical pressuring tactics. One of the biggest benefits that an attorney can provide to their client is forcing the other side to negotiate in good faith. Keeping cases out of court also serves to keep legal fees much lower.

5. Fast Resolution

Car accident cases are known for being dragged out over long periods of time, especially when a sizable settlement is involved. Instead of trying to get your money on your own and being held up with paperwork, appeals and legal red tape for years to come, allow an attorney to take the case off your hands. They will ensure that the case comes to a speedy resolution, one that is palatable to their client. Allowing you the time you need to heal is the first priority, along with getting the correct settlement.

I Am Innocent! Do I Still Need To Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers In Westchester County

So you are innocent, yet you have still managed to put yourself in a situation where you stand accused of committing a crime of a criminal nature. Building a criminal defense is the only way that you will avoid serious jail time, but many people believe that their innocence is what will keep them free.

Even if you know that you are innocent, you still need to hire criminal defense lawyers in Westchester County. If you do not, you could end up just like everyone else who is currently sitting in a jail cell, wishing they had made the right phone call when they had the chance to.

The legal system is not perfect and wrongful convictions happen more often than they should. This is not because the court has a personal vendetta against you, it is simply an unfortunate byproduct of the legal system that is currently in place. Simply assuming that the truth shall set you free is one of the common mistakes made by defendants.

However, this is not a mistake that you have to end up making. By hiring criminal defense lawyers in Westchester County, you place the burden for proving your innocence on them. They have the experience necessary to prove your innocence to the judge, jury and prosecution, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The prosecutor is much more experienced at proving guilt than the defendant is when it comes to proving innocence. Even when the client is innocent, a prosecutor still has the talent and know how to convince an impartial jury that you are indeed guilty. Instead of attempting to serve as your own counsel, calling criminal defense lawyers in Westchester County can help save you from this ominous fate.

The role of criminal defense lawyers in Westchester County is to help keep innocent citizens out of prison. They pride themselves on helping those who cannot help themselves and require the aid of a legal expert to help them escape a perilous situation. There is no need for a defendant to go through this process alone.

Assuming that your innocence will take care of the legal process for you is a grave error in judgement. It is not enough for you to be innocent, you need to be able to prove this innocence in a court of law. This is where criminal defense lawyers in Westchester County come into play.

They have the skills and the know how to display your innocence to a judge and prosecutor. Without their help, you could be facing serious time behind bars for a crime that you did not commit. Contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you are charged, even if did not commit the crime, so that they can do what is necessary to prove your innocence to a judge and jury.

Do Divorce Lawyers In Westchester County Help With Custody Agreements?

Deciding what will happen with the children is one of the thorniest issues in any divorce and is an area where both sides are not likely to be in agreement during the early going. Making a decision on the custody of a child can be very heart wrenching, as both parents sincerely believe that the child is better off with them.

The hurt that both sides feel during a divorce proceeding can keep them from using their better judgment and it can even cause them to use their children as weapons, in a misguided attempt to hurt each other further. With divorce lawyers in Westchester County, this no longer has to be a concern.

Divorce lawyers in Westchester County can help both sides come to a custody agreement that is fair and beneficial to each party involved in the divorce proceeding. They remind the husband and wife that the most important thing is the welfare of the children and helping them establish a new routine after the separation of their parents.

Custody agreements are often difficult to hammer out, because even if both sides are in agreement about the general terms, there can be a great deal of disagreement about certain particulars. One person may want an agreement that better suits their travel schedule or have lengthier visits.

In cases where the two divorced parents will no longer be living in the same area, this can also be difficult. Developing a custody agreement that takes into account the distance between two parents is challenging, but divorce lawyers in Westchester County have the experience and know how to get the job done.

There are also unfortunate incidences where one parent is considered to be unfit to have custody of the child, but continues to fight as if they are not. Divorce lawyers in Westchester County are recognize the psychological toll that this can take on the child or children involved and will aim to bring situations such as these to a speedy solution.

When two parties are caught in the midst of a protracted divorce battle, they can often lose sight of what is most important and that is the safety, welfare and happiness of the children. There is no need to drag them through a long custody battle and divorce lawyers in Westchester County know how to make sure children are shielded from certain harsh realities.

These lawyers are able to handle your custody agreement and help the both of you come to an agreement that suits both of your needs and most importantly of all, the needs of the child. A child does not benefit from an acrimonious custody battle, so both parties should have the goal of avoiding one by any means necessary.

5 Forms an Orange County Divorce Attorney Can Help Fill Out

A divorce can be complicated, and disputes over children and property make them even more complicated. Representing yourself in such cases may not be appropriate or wise. Although it is up to you to decide whether and how you use a lawyer, the law allows you to take care of the divorce yourself, which is known as proceeding pro se. Another option is to hire an Orange County divorce attorney to partially take care of your divorce. This is referred to as a Limited Scope Representation.

An individual who made up his mind to file a divorce petition may be misled by the puzzling forms of divorce. An Orange County divorce attorney can help someone if the client found the papers hard to understand; the client or his spouse have an IRS qualified pension or retirement plan; the client or his spouse own buildings or land (this is called real property); the client’s spouse won’t sign the Divorce Agreement; the client’s spouse has a lawyer; the client has questions about the divorce; or the client do not know how to locate his spouse. Furthermore, a lawyer may guide and educate his client about the complexities and the essential information regarding the forms. Below are the five forms an Orange County divorce attorney can help fill out.

1. Form 1 – Request for Divorce

One may want to seek an advice of an Orange County divorce attorney when filling out a request for divorce. On many areas, this form has questions that ask about personal matters. These may include the reason for divorce, custody concerns and others.

2. Form 3 – Request to Postpone Filing Fees

An individual filing for a divorce may be stressed out by the expenses needed to accomplish papers and the payment to a legal expert is not a joke. The court may let the petitioner pay the filing fees at the end of the case. The couple must decide how they will split the cost of the filing fees.

3. Form 5 – Divorce Agreement

Written in the divorce agreement form are the petitions and other requests the client will demand initially. These requests will be subject to a hearing that the judge shall assess. One will need the help of a divorce attorney on constructing the right words necessary so that his client will have a higher chance of “winning” his requests.

4. Form 7 – Restraining Order for Divorcing Spouses

One may feel the threat or danger in his life when he feels like his spouse is just around. A restraining order is what protect a citizen from such troublesome situation. An Orange County divorce attorney may suggest some specifics of the restraining order that will result to his client’s utmost satisfaction.

5. Form 8 – Notice of Hearing

A court case is a battle where the client and a lawyer shall cooperate. Hearings should be set on times that both of them are prepared.